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Weird NJ #29 for sale magazine collection back issue

Weird NJ magazine #29 (2007)

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Hard to find issue #29 of Weird NJ. Published in 2007. Included in this issue:

Nightshade On The Passaic

Unexploded Ordnance In Surf City

World’s Ugliest Dog In Sewell

Mystery Skull in Hunterdon

Black Panthers In Vineland?

Missing Cows in West Milford

Missing Pools In Paterson

Weird World Photos

Jersey Devil Skull In Winslow?

The Lady In The Dryer

More Jersey Skin

More Jersey Food

Jungle habitat Remnants

The Montvale Horror

Snake Hill Memories

The Mysterious One-armed Sand Sculptor Of Asbury Park

More Backwards Walking Men

Bloomfield Man-One Of The Missing Flight 19 Crew Members

Lincoln And Booth Together In Jersey City

Through The Plastoid Buildings, Darkly

The Pitman Racetrack

The Old Dover Speedway

Remnants Of The Vineland Speedway

The Last Remnants of Cowboy City

Storyland Village

Touring The Essex County Penitentiary

Alien Reflections

The Maiden Head Of Point Pleasant

Martian Blood In Irvington?

The Face In The Lake

Reflections Through The NJ Windshield

What’s With the Coffins On Cars?

The Exit 98 Spitballer

Obey Saget!

Bones Of Belmar

A Night With The Bumper Car Psychos

Good-Bye Keansburg?

Pleasantville’s Mural House

Weird NJ Lawn Art

The Tiki Head In Highland Park Still Standing

Pequannock Knight

Travels To Reed’s Beach

Trenton’s Three-quarter House

The Tall Gray Thing At Punker Pool

Devil Dog In Chatsworth

Ruins Along The Black River

Mantua Marl Pits

Ghost Signs

Weird Signs

The Headless Pilot Of Hanover Neck

Notes From The Pigslayer

The Satan House And Empty Baby’s Grave At The Ocean Acres Indian Trails

Finding The Nazis At Feltsville

Ft. Lee’s Cliffhanger Point

The Minnesota Iceman Visits NJ

The Firehouse Ghost Of New Brunswick

Union Ghost In The Basement

Meeting A Ghost At Bunch Hall, Glassboro

Haunted In Hackensack

Haunted Day Care in Mt. Holly

Greenwich And Pirate John’s Ghost

Louie haunts The Winery

Paul Revere’s Granddaughter Haunts Morristown

Watchung Ghost Girl

Ghosts That Roam Burlington Prison

Shrewsbury Cinema Holds The Ghost

The Ghost Boss Of Linden

Ghosts Roam St. Mary’s In Rahway

Cemetery Safari

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

Mary’s Tower Torched

The Hole Story On The Blue Hole

Indian Cabin Road Fire

Miss Uniroyal Gets A Makeover

Wanaque Reservoir UFOs A Hoax?

Princess Doe Anniversary

More Bones At South Mountain

Ode To Mom’s Place

An Interview With Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey

DinoMyte In Alpha

Dinosaur Digging In Sewell

Raptors At Jungle Habitat?

An Interview with NJ’s Oldest Man, 110-year-old Walter Seward

The Alien In The Window

The Watershed Conspiracy

Blue Balls Bouncing In Monmouth

The “Thing” In Mt. Misery

The Great Stockholm Uranium Swindle Of 1956

The Devil’s Cave In Princeton (Washington Slept There!)

A Coverup In The Hartshorn Woods In The Highlands

Plus, stories from the Weird U.S., a few for the weird road…and more!