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23 for Mikey

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This is the official 23 for Mikey apparel shop and there are 3 products available:

1) Tshirt- Gildan brand soft style, 100% cotton. Adult unisex sizing. Carolina Blue.

2) Long Sleeve- Tultex brand soft style, 100% cotton. Adult unisex sizing. White.

3) Hoodie- Independent Trading Co., soft style, 100% cotton. Adult unisex sizing. Heather Grey.

A little about 23 for Mikey:

He has given so much…it’s time to give back directly to him at!
The 23 for Mikey campaign is an endeavor being tackled from Summer 2021 through Summer 2023. The goal is to complete 23 separate bucket list hiking, biking, and surfing adventures for Mikey in an ongoing effort to directly raise funds for him.

"I've learned to open my eyes- to open my mind- to see that the world needs me to be more than just a hockey player- because the world needs a of many changes, but we need a world without wheelchairs" -Mikey NicholsOn January 4th, 2014, Mikey suffered a spinal cord injury as a senior playing hockey for Monroe Township High School. Since then, Mikey has defied odds and expectations on a daily basis. From fighting to stay alive in the hospital to finishing the NYC Marathon...from getting an associates degree to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to find a cure for paralysis. He has shared motivational words with classrooms, packed arenas, radio shows, and various news/sports shows on national television. He has fought to be able to turn the pages of a book and he has had to endure a pandemic that ostensibly rendered him more vulnerable than ever. As always though, he emerges stronger from every trial. Away from the spotlight, he has to fight pain and doubt every day. Whether he's in a room with you one on one or he's on TV being interviewed by Mario Lopez, he's the same guy: loyal, compassionate, kind, humble and yet- the toughest fighter you've ever met. Always looking to serve others, he NEVER looks for favors, handouts, or pity. He thrives off serving a higher purpose: being a leader for those with paralysis and for those in need of hope.Mikey's unwavering spirit is contagious for those lucky enough to interact with him. He has been an unrelenting resource of optimism and motivation for our community. He has transcended his physical limitations in utilizing his brave voice as a leader. That distinctly unique voice has been used to advocate for the “wheelchair free” world that he envisions. He is on the front lines with legends like Eric LeGrand, putting a compelling personality and a friendly face to the Reeve Foundation's quest for a cure. Mikey is an exemplary role model for everyone, especially those trying to find and create meaning in their lives. He has dedicated his life to helping others and creating a better future for those impacted by paralysis. Let's dedicate a fundraiser to HIM so that he can pursue his ambitions to live independently, progress physically, and continue leading within our community and the paralysis community at large.