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Vintage Fashion Art collection for sale by artist Janice Burch 1960's Mid Century Designer artwork originals lot

1960's Fashion Art Collection by Janice Burch

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128 pieces of individual art are for sale in this 1960's fashion drawing collection from artist/designer Janice Burch. This is a large collection of all original hand drawn pieces of vintage fashion art. Please message me with any questions. Please read below for details. This is what's included in the collection...

1) Two Vellum Overlay paper pads, 9" x 12" each. One contains 21 drawings and the other contains 4 drawings. The smaller pad has a detached back cover. Each album contains some loose pages. These pads were used as tracing paper to draw different fashion outfits on models. These are all line drawings completed in colored pencils maybe. Some drawings are more complete than others. There are unfinished pieces in these two pads.

2) Newsprint paper pad, 18" x 24". This is a pad filled with 47 drawings. They are all figure drawings and there are very few colored pieces. Many loosely drawn drawings, but some are more defined and have details. There is some moisture damage towards the bottom left corner of the pad that affects many of the pages.

3) There are a total of 56 loose pieces of art. They all measure 18" x 24", with some exceptions. Many of the loose pages appear to be drawn in ink and water color. They all feature models. Some are more complete than others. As mentioned, I can email more photos or give more details upon request.

Most pieces are unsigned, but there are some mixed in that you will find.
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