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First off, THANK YOU for taking the time to make art and submit it for our contest. We received over 300 art submissions and we were blown away by all of the talent. We spent a lot of time carefully looking at the submissions, and we made a VERY difficult decision to choose 15 standout finalists to be voted on. Our 15 nominations were based solely on our own opinions and on what we thought would work well as a t-shirt design. We are posting the 15 finalists' designs on our Instagram page, and the 5 designs that receive the most "Likes" on our Instagram account by Monday, December 7th at 11:59pm PST will win prize packs.

Design contest prizes:

1 Grand Prize with the most "Likes"8 custom shirts with your design(s). 1 hoodie with your design. 1 tote bag with your art. 1 face mask with your design. 1 koozie with your design. Digital product photos. RAD Shirts Sticker pack.

4 Runner-Up Prizes for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th most "Likes"1 custom shirt with your design. Digital product photos. RAD Shirts Sticker pack.

We have listed our 15 finalists that YOU will vote on. You can vote for as many pieces as you want. We've also included our Honorable Mentions for everyone else to enjoy & appreciate. Thanks to everyone who participated. Don't be discouraged if you are not listed. These picks are based on our own opinions, which doesn't mean a thing in the grand scheme of things! We will be announcing another shirt design contest soon, so stay tuned! Also, make sure to Contact Us if you're interested in having your designs printed!

THE 15 FINALISTS. Vote for your favorites on our Instagram page. Voting ends on Monday, December 7th at 11:59pm PST.

Finalist A) Ben Laird, @father_fungus

Finalist B) Jacob Qualkenbush@jacob_lee_art

Finalist C) Rachel Muth, @rachel_muth

Finalist D) Sasha Marshall, @sashamdesigns

Finalist E) Eric Johnson, @hypnagogic_pluviophile

Finalist F) Michael Andress,

Finalist G) Bella Monzo, @bella.uh.monzo

Finalist H) Nicholas Craig, @nick_craig4

Finalist I) Julian Armijos, @julianarmijos.

Finalist J) James Coombe, @vandalizor

Finalist K) Reese Brantmeier, @worneraser

Finalist L) Alex Villalobos, @_anv_art_

Finalist M) MacLean Mayer, @macl_ean

Finalist N) Key Goodson, @not_keygoodson

Finalist O) Mira Soutos, @mirasuglyart



Contact us if your info is incorrect and we'll fix it.

Rebekah Waterman- Top Left, Julian Armijos- Top Right, Kamryn Campbell- Stenciled face, Amber Huelasquez- "Magical".

Breanna Contreras- Top Left, Niketha Maria- "Altered" head, Sawyer Strouth- Blue face, Jess Noom- "Eat Your Heart Out". Top Left, Alpha George- Top Right, Jack Brooks- Bottom Left, Georgya Mazier- Bottom Right.

Caleb Elijah- "Peace Out", Neida Pichardo- "Don't Look Back", Emuna Naid- Skateboarder, Ariana Holmes- Mushrooms.

Vanessa Dorronsoro- canvas painting, Chicken, Stephanie Odom- Hands, Ellen Nguyen- Bottom Right. Dragon on moon, Karissa B- Cat, Face with four eyes, Chaundry Titus- Hands with swirling eye. "RAGE", Janny Oh- Yellow head, Blue K. -Cats, Jasmine Martinez- Bottom Right.

Morris Williams- "Christmas Trees", Alex Simmons- Polaroid, Auto Wright- Animal.

Piper Hall- Purple Hair, Zoe Schwieger- Window, Spooky Bootato- Masked person, Grace Schmitz- Figure with antlers.

Michael Scott- Bear, symonsams77- "Laughing Gas", Michaela Bell- Watermelon, Axel Ruiz- Red fish.

Aram Bronston- Skeleton, Andrew Colin- Bee, Hayden Saul- Coral.

Lucille Coleman- Profile face, Izzy Kirsch- Plant gore, Brandon Hernandez- Guy with sword.

Gabriel Roston- Wolf, Morgan Nieman- "Spaced Out", Pumpkin Head, Emma Green- Person writing.

Alex Drummond- Slugg, J. Jackson- Fly Traps, Denise Torres- Orange alien, 

Brooke Riggs- Honeycombs, Michael Anderson- Flower eye, Patrick Zimmerman- Pretty Good Vibes, Shaden Jumah- Guy sitting.

Maxwell Sensor- Colorful patterns, Trinity White- 3 Heads, Monster on web, MREServiceMan- "Keep Crying Baby".

Erasmo Flores- American Flag, Jessi Helsley- Colorful painting, Kayla R. Julio- Face with black background, Benjamin Lawrence- Graffiti.

Olivia R- Skull and dagger, Trey Cooper- Collage, Emma Darby- Cat, Travis Skelly- Skull with umbrella.

Cindy Zhou- "Let Your Feelings Out", Xi Xil- "Mr. Luden Bingenheimer, Alex K- Skateboarder, Ismael Lopez- Bunny.


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