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First off, THANK YOU for taking the time to make art and submit it for our contest. We received over 400 art submissions and we were blown away by all of the talent. We spent a lot of time carefully looking at the submissions, and we made a VERY difficult decision to choose 15 standout finalists to be voted on. We were originally only going to pick 5 finalists, but there were so many amazing submissions that we expanded the field. We are posting the 15 finalists' designs on our Instagram page, and the 5 designs that receive the most "Likes" on our Instagram account by April 3rd at 11:59pm EST will win prize packs.

For ANYONE who submitted art, we would like to offer a 1-time special for anyone who would still like their art printed on a shirt. For $20, we will print your art on a soft-style Next Level brand white shirt and ship it to you for free with a Radcakes sticker pack. If you would like to order your own custom shirt with your art, please send us a message here: Contact Form. We will offer bulk discounts if you're interested in having more than 1 shirt printed.

Design contest prizes:

1 Grand Prize for the most "Likes"8 custom shirts with your design(s). 2 hoodies with your design(s). 1 tote bag with your art. Digital product photos. Radcakes Sticker pack.

4 Runner-Up Prizes for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th most "Likes"1 custom shirt with your design. Digital product photos. Radcakes Sticker pack.

We have listed our 15 finalists that YOU will vote on. We've also included our Honorable Mentions for everyone else to enjoy & appreciate. Thanks to everyone who participated. We will be announcing another shirt design contest soon, so stay tuned!

THE 15 FINALISTS. Vote for your favorites on our Instagram page. Voting ends on April 3rd at 11:59pm EST.

FINALIST A: Bryson Thurston, @brysonsbrains.

FINALIST B: Ben Laird, @father_fungus.

FINALIST C: Ry Foat, @ryfoat.

FINALIST D: Gray Renee, @graypdx.

FINALIST E: Susan Alvarez, @lil_suzi_uzi.

FINALIST F: Dylan Callistein, @dylart_callistein.

FINALIST G: Riley Hicks, @rileiey.

FINALIST H: Cain Banks, @cain.banks.


FINALIST I: S. Whitley.

FINALIST J: Ally Wei, @allyweiphotography.

FINALIST K: Eva Kolesnick, @Elder.wizard_.

FINALIST L: Eva Lund, @Eva.lundo.

FINALIST M: Angel Castaneda, @9layground.

FINALIST N: Shutter Sqad, @mgala19.

FINALIST O: Leeanne Hames, @la_vonnedesigns.



Please correct us if any information is incorrect.

Miranda Kitchpanich (wolf), Tod Davis (punx pirate), Caden Foulke (whale & squid), Zora Dulaney (blue face).

Chelsea Graham (red skull), Zoey Kelly (red wood block print), Julian Armijos (turtle), Zora Dulaney (girl on phone).

Merrin Winkel ("fairies are real"), Tyler Thomas (red face), Benjamin Lawrence (graffiti), Karissa Taylor ("take your pills").

Megan Mosher (bad acid trip), Brooklyn Emerson (purple face), Dylan Edward (ogdme), Jordan Ogata (I stay in reality).

Emily Allbriton (cats), Ashley Cardenas (jellyfish), Riley Cowman (Poor Addict), Kelsy Boyle (3 figures).

Tessa Becker (blue face), Isabella Arana (Radcakes), Brooke Feenie (burger), Brandon Hernandez (pepper).

Ellie Eklof (fish), Jesus Rivas (guy walking), Ellie Halverson (woof), JaQuan Hicks (Weird Illusions).

Lucy Phung (skull with roses), Thayla Kerr (reach within), Madaline Frisby (face w/ stripe background), South Burton (Grateful Dead).

Carisma G (guitar players). Georgya Mazier ("life is the art of dying"), John Laroda ("last resort"), Buck Norris (alligator).

Dominique Brancato (dog), Dani Davis (meeting together), Egg Mcgriddle (faces w/ pink tongue), Tyler Thomas (guy fishing).

Mecca Robnson (seatbelts), Valdemar Osorio (mask), Daljit Riyal (samurai), Mimi Chuang (cows).

Charlotte Graham (pickin' chicken), Matthew Cain (face), OWNE, Elias Ostling (line drawing).

Brian Williams (antlers), Jose-Noel Rocha ("same graves"), Abby Stanley (cyclops), Isabella Nieratko (hand).

MJ Ji (face with mask), Naomi Griego (spearmint), Rachel Much ("if looks could kill"), Vanessa Bosch (octopus).

Received Smith (surf's up), Aaron Creamer (plague mask), Denise Coldero (flower / eye), Chelsie Ramirez (jellyfish).


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