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Penny Park Shop

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Welcome to the 2020 Mystery Hunt Shop! All profits will be donated to the MIT Puzzle Club to help run future Mystery Hunts. Choose from 6 different shirt designs. Every shirt comes with 2 Penny Park stickers. A 5-pack of stickers can be purchased on the Penny Park Sticker page. All t-shirt designs are printed on soft 100% cotton white shirts. There is also an embroidered light blue pique polo that's composed of 100% soft cotton (adult sizes only). Polos are currently available for preorder and will ship in approximately 3 weeks. See below for sizing charts. Free shipping for orders of $50 or more. Scroll through photos to zoom & see details.

Shirt descriptions...

SIMPLE: On a budget?  Well, this T-shirt won't help because it's priced the same as all of our other shirts, but if you'd like something simple and unadorned to show your love for our park, this one's got what you want.  The chest has our park logo and our central castle, with "Mystery Hunt 2020" emblazoned underneath it (whatever that means).

PARK MAP: Relive your journey through all the lands of Penny Park with this shirt! The back is emblazoned with our park map, including both the original Inner lands and the experimental Outer lands!  The bottom of the map has our Park's coined catchphrase: "Have a glorious day." We even kept the original folds on the map!

PARK MAP, FRONT ONLY: Would rather purchase a shirt that has all the snazzy stuff on the front?  Well, don't worry, we've got your back!  Or rather, we don't have anything on your back with this option.  Our unfolded park map is proudly displayed down the front of your shirt, captioned with the enigmatic "MYSTERY HUNT 2020", leaving your back free to hide your long flowing locks, angel wings, or murderclown tattoo.  Hey, we won't judge.

CREATIVE: Creative Pictures Studio, our own twist on the classic movie studio theme park where every plot element is reduced down to a single emoji. The back of the shirt depicts a mostly-solved metapuzzle; all your viewers need to do is to identify the ten classic films and do some indexing! Want to peek at the answer? Just a small look at your chest should do the trick. Hey, eyes up here!

CASCADE: Did you manage to make it through the sudden drop from Lazy River onto the roof of the Coast Guard shack?  How about the crazy loops from the Water Slides that threw you twenty feet above The Swimming Hole?  If you're still alive, you'll love to have one of these "I Survived Cascade Bay" shirts to commemorate our wettest and most layered outer land!

GANGS: One hundred and forty-four characters, lovingly rendered in stick figure art and all arranged in alphabetical order on your back. Yes, we know that's gross, someone made that joke already. After your pop-culture-loving friends have identified the 24 gangs of six on your back, you can direct them to the front where they can now match them with the 24 minipuzzles. Best of all, unlike the actual puzzle in the Hunt, there's no pesky extraction step or answer word to muck up the works!

POLO: SORRY, Polos are no longer available. Dress up in this light polo shirt embroidered with the Penny Park logo, just like the ones all of our friendly park staff used to wear before our clothing budget got cut in 2017!

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